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I was born in December of 1949 and as long as I can remember, photography has been the focal point of my life. My father and his father before him were both keen photographers and I caught the ‘bug’ too. My first attempts at photography were with a rangefinder camera belonging to my father, and soon I was spending most of my free time in the darkroom. While still at school, portraiture was my first attempt at photography. My friends and their girlfriends made good subjects, and this also helped finance the hobby, whilst Tanya Bayona’s ballet studio round the corner from my parents’ flat, introduced me to the performing arts.

My decision to join the Malta Photographic Society was the best ever – I soon realised how little I knew about this art form. The regular club meetings provided members with informative talks, healthy competition and, best of all, the pooling of ideas of people sharing a common interest. The late John Nunns, then the Club President, tutored me in interior and architectural photography, by allowing me to tag along on his assignments. Soon I was involved with a modelling academy, and on the advice of my friend Joe Attard , a club member and also a former professional photographer, I bought my first Bowens studio flash, which enabled me to shoot portraits indoors without scorching the sitter. My next step was to shift from a 35mm to medium format camera, which ‘separates the boys from the men’ as Joe used to put it.

In 1993 Joe and I embarked on a project together - the catalogue photography for an exhibition of silver by the Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti. We photographed a total of 995 domestic silver items over several months, working mostly weekends – by no means an easy task as any photographer can vouch!

In 1994 I took the plunge and started working as a freelance photographer. Over the years besides being assigned to cover corporate events, commercial and advertising jobs, fashion shoots, interiors and architecture as well as the performing arts, I feel privileged, that I have also been commissioned by eminent artists, architects and art historians, museums and critics of world renown to document works of art for prestigious publications and exhibitions, photographing works spanning some six thousand years from prehistoric artefacts to paintings, furniture and architecture dating from the renaissance up to the modern and avant-garde.

To date I have done very little wedding photography, refusing commissions of all except small exclusive wedding parties, however I feel more and more attracted to this type of work, as the documentation of a social event.
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